Gun Fitting

In the shotgun sports, a proper gun fit is possibly the most important investment you can make to improve your game.

We are all individual in shape and size, so will the average shotgun fit everyone right out of the box? More than likely, it will not.

Some people are lucky and the average length, pitch, comb height and cast of their new gun will be right for them. However, most of us will need to adjust the fit of the shotgun in order to hit targets more accurately and consistently.

The good news is most stocks can be altered to fit considerably better, if not perfectly, for your needs. A competent gunsmith can make these adjustments, if they know what alterations to make.

Gun fitting is an art beyond taking simple measurements and your best fit will be achieved with the help of a skilled professional gun fitter. This is where Keith’s 20+ years of gun fitting experience is valuable, by specifying the required alterations in detail.

It is often said the person pulling the trigger (and not the gun) gets the results. That may be true, but give a good shot a well-fitted shotgun and the combination becomes hard to beat on the clays course or in the field.

To schedule a gun fit or for more information, call Keith at 914-646-1528 or Fill out the contact form.

This session will encompass in-depth observation of you shooting your gun(s) at pattern plates and moving targets. When necessary, try guns will be used to achieve exact measurements, so alterations can be made or a custom stock built.

At the end of your gun fit session, a fitting sheet will be completed for future reference. Once you have your measurements, they usually do not change dramatically, unless you experience a major weight loss/gain or your eye dominance changes.

Please note: to be properly fit, the shooter must have reasonably mastered the basics of a good and consistent stance and gun mount.

Not everyone needs a two-hour fitting session. If you like your gun but are unsure if it fits well or is giving you problems (ie. recoil in face), you and the gun can be assessed in a one-hour lesson/gun fit check. Advice will be given as to what to do to alter that gun and improve your shooting experience.