Clay Sports

Keith has expertise and experience teaching all clay target sports, focusing primarily on Sporting Clays and FITASC. His teaching methods developed through years of training with top U.K. shooting schools and in collaboration with his brother, Jeff Lupton, founder of the Yorkshire Gun Room and Shooting Grounds in Northern England.

Keith’s teaching system provides a novice shooter with a strong base of shotgun fundamentals needed for long-term shooting success. Beginners will learn correct stance, a proper and consistent gun mount and have an eye dominance evaluation. They will be introduced to the concepts of shotgunning and techniques of shooting at moving targets.

During the lesson, Keith assesses each student’s learning style – visual learner, physical learner or analytical – and adapts his instruction approach to suit their needs. As a result, students will be breaking targets (or more targets) in their very first lesson.

Keith’s intermediate students build upon their fundamentals as they are taught to read various target presentations, further develop concentration and focus on targets in motion. Additional shooting techniques are added to the student’s repertoire, as target presentations become more technical and complex.

When students progress to the tournament level, Keith coaches them on the mental aspects of competitive shooting and how to develop a proper pre-shot routine, while continuing to fine-tune their shooting skills and techniques.

As in any sport, practice is essential to continued skill building and success. Following the lesson, Keith will recommend a training program to help you meet your goals. To schedule a lesson or for more information, call Keith at 914-646-1528 or Fill out the contact form.

There are over twenty variations of clay target disciplines. The most common in the U.S. are Skeet, Trap, Sporting Clays and FITASC Sporting.

Sporting Clays and FITASC Sporting are the closest disciplines to actual field shooting and offers the widest variety of target presentations. They are the fastest growing clay sports disciplines in the U.S.

Sporting Clays originated in England and is one of the most popular forms of the sport. It is played on a sprawling course, with players driving or walking to 10-15 different stations. Targets are thrown in nearly limitless variation to simulate flight patterns of different game birds and rabbits. A round of sporting clays is usually 100 targets.

Variations to Sporting Clays include 5-Stand, which is played on a more compact field and Super Sporting, which offers a wider variety of target presentations at each station on a Sporting Clays course.

FITASC Sporting originated in France and is played on a set of open fields called parcours. FITASC also requires that one shoots from “low gun” to further simulate the hunting experience. Like English Sporting, the variation in target presentation is vast. Each parcours is 25 targets.

Skeet, Trap and their Olympic counterparts are defined by strict standards, both in target size and set patterns of flight. These disciplines are played on compact Skeet, Trap or combination fields built to exacting specifications. Both skeet and trap rounds (called sub-events) are 25 targets each, with official competitions consisting of many sub-events, totaling hundreds of targets.